The Dryer Ate It

How I went to work today - one leg with a black sock, one leg with no sock.

The first thing I did when I realized my error was conduct a quick body check to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything else - bra (check), underwear (check), no weird stuff on my face (check).

Then I began to weigh my options. I even called my husband for ideas. He suggested I paint my left ankle black. I did have a black sharpie in my pocket, but I hate the way they smell and the mark really does last forever. I would end up having to marker in my other ankle the next time I went to the beach.

I thought about taking off my other sock. I am in Florida after all, I could do the Miami Vice thing, but where would I find a white blazer on such short notice?

I decided my best move was to just leave things as they were and act surprised if anyone noticed, "That's strange, I had two socks on when I left the house this morning?"

The funny thing about this incident is that I've done it before.

I make a living as a computer geek, fairly detailed work, yet I continually miss the simple details in my life. I've actually worn two different shoes out the door more than once.

My only comfort is that I have noticed that I am not alone in my faux pas. I had a customer the other day that had the most lovely eye make up and eyeliner on her left eye only. The other eye was completely bare. I struggled against whether to tell her or not.

I mean would I have wanted someone to tell me the day I had toilet paper streaming out of the back of my pants? - wow, the memory of that day still makes me cringe - which is why these are always dicey calls.

It's like when someones zipper is down or they fart in public. Do you acknowledge it or just indiscreetly cover your nose with your hand and keep talking?

This is wear my decorum really shines. In situations such as these I figured out the perfect solution - I just turn the other cheek.

Lisa Alex Gray


Anonymous said...

I leave the house all the time with only one earring on.

Anonymous said...

My mother went to work one day and didn't notice until she took her coat off that she was only wearing nylons and underwear on the bottom half of her body. she left her skirt at home. lol