It's Just a Game

Remember the children's board game Chutes and Ladders? Ironically it is also a fairly accurate depiction of what my life looks like in 2-D. For those of you that find the visual imagery incomplete, I will tell you how the game is played (i.e. my life).

The object of Chutes and Ladders is to get to the end of the game without being sent back down a chute/ladder to the beginning of the game so many times that you run screaming from the room crying to your mom that your brother is cheating (okay, I don't actually do that part anymore).

Sometimes you're lucky, you land on a square that says you've done something good, and you get to climb the ladder a bit closer to your goal (my life in the 90's). More often you land on a square that undoes much of your hard work sending you tumbling back to the beginning of the game again (my life in the last year).

I personally am not finding the fun in this game. I can't help but question why someone would want to make such a frustrating life scenario into a game in the first place? I can just imagine how this decision came about.

It obviously took place after a horrible meeting at Hasbro. A few people got fired, a few demoted, and the rest were given one last chance to come up with an exciting new game that children would love and parents would buy.

Mr. Hasbro Executive, who's job now hung in the balance, headed back to his office and worked late into the night - possibly assisted by friends Jack (Daniels) or Jim (Beam) - to come up with a game. Which he did, based on the only thing on his mind, his years of hard work and dedication followed by a swiftly faltering career.

He probably presented the game partially as a joke to upper management assuming he'd be given his walking papers as soon as the presentation was over. I'm sure he never expected the company to actually like the idea. The rest is history.

Well, I have found a way to bring this frustrating 1970's game into the future. Below is my prototype of what the new game would look like....

They may want to include a pair of rubber gloves with this version.

Lisa Alex Gray


OTIN said...

I hated that game! I was browsing some new blogs and I saw your title! One of the best blog titles ever! LOL! come visit, I can give you some blogs to leave comments on where you can really increase your followers!

Anna Lefler said...

I'm totally with you on this! I think all games are - at their core - hateful.

Remember the game of "Life?" I dated the guy behind every one of those little plastic doors. You know how unsatisfying it is to slam a little plastic door in a guy's face?

Very not.

~ Anna

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Wait, does this mean it doesn't matter if you get a ladder or a chute, you still end up in the toilet? That figures.

I love your blog title too.

Hit 40 said...

Gosh when you take a hard fall in life...

I wish I could just roll some dice to keep going with the game.