Me and My Shadow

Life is an ongoing balance between too much human interaction and not enough.

I've noticed whenever I'm in need of a bit of alone time it seems impossible to come by.

On the same token when I am psyched for some social interaction I somehow find myself alone - and there's nothing like the feeling of total aloneness.

This is exactly where I found myself the other day.

I had the day off and had been looking forward to spending time with my husband Kurt and son Evan. Well Kurt ended up having to go into work. Then I found out Evan had plans to go to a friends house (he somehow forgot to tell me). So I was all alone.

My house echoed like an empty auditorium.

An electrician stopped by to fix our big screen TV and I contemplated inviting him to stay for lunch. I kept trying to think of another question to ask to keep him there a bit longer, "So there's a power button on the TV and on the remote?" "Can you show me where these are located?"

I saw the fed ex truck go by and I almost chased it like a dog.

Speaking of dogs, I even tried to hang out with my dog and cat, but they wanted nothing to do with me. I think they sensed my desperation, and decided to play the old "get even" card, payback for all the times I didn't want to scratch their ear 10 more hours.

The only companion I had was a box of Ho Ho's I met at the grocery store earlier that day. Ho Ho's offer such a shallow relationship though. They only give you 10 seconds of intimate communication and then it's over. That is until I introduce myself to another Ho Ho. Which leads me to how my day ended.

I found out there was one thing worse than total aloneness - an empty Ho Ho box.

Lisa Alex Gray


Anonymous said...

"Me and my shadow" is so creative & entertaining.

I laughted out loud as I read your blog while

sitting alone in my hotel room in New York city.

I can relate, as I have visited the gift shop 3

times today for corn curls,peanuts & a milky-

way bar. Thank you for brightening my day.

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♥ Braja said...

OK, that was good :)

Hey Lisa, been offline with comments for 3 wks, so many glitches in my I'm back and will be more regular. Yeah right...that's the theory :)